Command Centre

The latest version of Gallagher Command Centre offers a range user enhancements and Mobile Client developments including:

Mobile Access

Mobile Access, a feature of the mobile application, allows guards to grant, deny or move cardholders from zone to zone when coupled with the mobile reader. Cardholder competencies, credentials and access groups are authenticated by the system and displayed on the phone resulting in an immediate granted or denied access decision. Zone Lockdowns have also been streamlined, a zone can now be put into immediate lockdown from the mobile. Cardholders are now able to be disabled from the phone, this is particularly useful if a card has been reported lost or stolen.

Enhanced Administration

Licensing Groups allows administrators to reserve access to workstations and visitor management kiosks to ensure access is always available to staff who require it. Sessions can now also be terminated to free up available work station licenses when operators forget to log out. The Event Viewer has been simplified to provide operators the ability to monitor, search and retrieve all relevant information and stored video footage for a particular event.

New Integrations

Command Centre v7.50 now supports incoming alarms from Gallagher and third party controllers via the industry standard Ademco 685 protocol. An integration to Microsoft Active Directory now allows for real-time synchronisation of cardholder and user records.