Introducing Command Centre v7.90

Locker Management Solution

This feature allows a site to manage locker access, automate allocation and ensure the best utilization of their locker resources all natively from within Command Centre. Flexible allocation expiry rules and a comprehensive Locker Viewer combine to minimise daily administrative burden. A single audit trail for both locker and building access can be used.

Mobile Connect SDK for iOS and Android

This feature introduces the Mobile Connect SDK. This SDK allows third parties to integrate Mobile Connect functionality with their apps for both iOS and Android.

Action on Access

This feature ensures that Cardholders report to a designated checkpoint prior to commencing activity on site

Cardholder REST API

This feature introduces the Gallagher Cardholder REST API. Advantages of using a REST based framework are: – Easy to use, easy to test, and provides superior integration performance. Allowing a site to quickly and cost effectively integrate third party systems to Command Centre. – Allows a site to use a third party system as the source of truth, (e.g. HR or IT) for Cardholder data. Alternatively, Command Centre can be used at the source of truth, synchronizing other systems with Command Centre.

HBUS 4 In 2 Out Door Module – Wiegand

This feature introduces the Gallagher HBUS 4 In 2 Out Door Module – Wiegand. This module removes the need to use the GBUS URI – Wiegand variant, thus allowing a site to connect all devices on one HBUS comms run

Automatic arrival notifications for first visitor only

This enhancement prevents multiple host notifications from being sent when visitors are in attendance on the same visit.

Personal Data Fields added to arrival and overdue visitor notifications

This enhancement allows personal details to be included in arrival and overdue notifications sent to the host or escort

Export Cardholder images from reports • Controller NAT support and configurable ports

This enhancement allows a site to export Cardholder images from Command Centre. This functionality is useful if Command Centre is the source of truth for Cardholder imagery and those images are required in another system.

Elevator cars support multiple readers

This enhancement allows multiple readers to be assigned to an elevator car. It provides ease of floor selection when multiple floor selection panels are located in an elevator car.

Kone Elevator HLI

This enhancement introduces the ability to associate ‘Custom Passenger Call Types’ with Cardholders for sites that use Kone elevators. This functionality is supported using Command Centre v7.90 and Kone protocol Rev 1.8

Database Maintenance page

This enhancement updates the SQL database statistics every day at 3:00 AM by default. This improves the performance of the database, enabling it to query the database tables more effectively

Historical Card Action filter

This enhancement increases the flexibility of Cardholder searching and reporting and makes it easier and quicker for the operator to find the group of Cardholders they’re looking for.

Item notes allow many more characters

Fast CSN Mode

This enhancement speeds up existing functionality, allowing a site to use the Card Serial Number (CSN) to identify a Cardholder in place of Gallagher data.

Support for 256 Facility Codes

This enhancement allows greater flexibility when migrating third party card technologies to a single card technology.

Password policy

This security improvement allows the Site Administrator to set password length and complexity rules that align with their IT policies. It further enhances the security features of Command Centre to ensure there is no weak link for unauthorized access

Account lockout

Account lockout is now configurable allowing sites control over when and for how long an operator account is locked out following failed logon attempts. These controls apply in the Configuration Client, Command Centre Client, Visitor Management Client, Visitor Management Kiosk, and Mobile Client.

Server to Controller offline time

This security improvement allows the site to set the heartbeat times of critical Controllers to less than the standard 90 seconds to ensure they are notified sooner when they have network or Controller issues. It further improves the flexibility of Command Centre to be a critical site monitoring tool and allows for flexible configuration of the system to meet the site’s needs.

Inactivity logoff by Operator Group

Inactivity logoff time can now be configured by Operator Group. This security improvement allows a site to manage the risk of unattended workstations based on various roles and responsibilities.

Configuration Client now uses WebSocket Secure (TLS)

This security improvement ensures secure communication between the Configuration Client and the server. It removes complexity for the site’s IT team to add encryption to this communication.

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